California A Global Leader On Climate Change

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White House Agenda Not Slowing Action In Golden State By Coral Davenport and Adam Nagourney, New York Times The environmental ministers of Canada and Mexico went to San Francisco last month to sign a global pact — drafted largely by California — to lower planet-warming greenhouse pollution. Gov. Jerry Brown flies to China next month

Most People Breathing Unhealthy Air

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Air Pollution An Extreme Threat To Public Health By Mike Ives, The New York Times The World Health Organization said Tuesday that 92 percent of people breathe what it classifies as unhealthy air, in another sign that atmospheric pollution is a significant threat to global public health. A new report, the W.H.O.’s most comprehensive analysis

New Coal Deals Threaten Paris Climate Goals

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Greenhouse Gas Reductions Critical In Battle Against Climate Change The landmark global climate change deal brokered in Paris cleared an important hurdle this week when it secured enough official support to go into effect, but experts say the biggest hurdle — signatory countries turning their emissions, clean energy and climate adaptation financing goals from mere

Cities Recycling Infectious Waste, Disease

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Sewage Sludge Spreading Brain Disease In 1972, the world realized that dumping millions of tons of sewage sludge into the oceans killed underwater ecosystems. Some nations stopped the dumping immediately. Others did not. The U.S., for example, finally passed the Ocean Dumping Ban Act of 1988. It required dumping all municipal sewage sludge and industrial waste

Can World Leaders Tackle Climate Change

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Environmental, Social and Economic Issues Tightly Connected By Gro Harlem Bruntland In the early 1990s, when I was Prime Minister of Norway, I once found myself debating sustainable development with an opposition leader who insisted that I tell him the government’s single most important priority in that field. Frustrated, I replied that what he was

Climate Change Deemed Top Economic Threat

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Environmental Concerns Have Economists’ Attention Forced migration and climate change are the biggest risks facing the global economy this decade, according to 750 experts surveyed by the World Economic Forum. The warning was published in the 11th edition of WEF’s Global Risks Report and in advance of the annual gathering of global leaders at Davos next week.

Beijing Smog Sparks First Red Alert

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Schools, Factories Close As Millions Of Vehicles Forced To Park Beijing has issued its first pollution red alert as acrid smog enveloped the Chinese capital for the second time this month. The alert will begin at 7am on Tuesday and should see millions of vehicles forced off the roads, factories and construction sites shut down and

Singapore Choking On Air Pollution From Indonesia

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Singapore Pays Price For Bungle In Indonesia’s Jungles Illegal burning of Indonesian rainforest to make room for palm and paper plantations has left neighboring countries choking on smoke. Many hope the latest crisis will lead to stricter policies. More than a month after uncontrollable wildfires were kindled in Indonesian rainforests to make room for palm

U.N. Leaders Join Pope Francis To Build Momentum For Climate Action

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Vatican Supports Climate Science, Policies For a 2,000-year-old institution hardly known for its mutability, there was a sense of urgency at the Vatican on Tuesday when scientists, diplomats and religious and political leaders discussed climate change and its impact on the world’s poor. “We are the first generation that can end poverty, and the last

Portland Defends Its Trees To Defend City

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Urban Forests Benefit Citizens, Wildlife, Planet Property owners in Portland need to think twice before chopping down trees. A new city tree code took effect in January. It brings new protections to trees on both public and private property, along with stricter regulations and tough penalties for violators. It takes away a lot of the