Energy Prize Awards Scheduled For January 2014

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Zayed Future Energy Prize, the world’s leading award for innovation in renewable energy and sustainability, presented a workshop in Sweden this week. The seminar took place on the sidelines of the Global Sustainable Cities Network (GSCN) meetings in Stockholm this week. Dr Nawal Al-Hosany, Director of the Zayed Future Energy Prize, led the discussion with

Sustainable Cities Get Boost From IBM, Citigroup

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Banks Back Sustainable Cities Citi has been involved in a project in Brazil that demonstrates how cities can be more sustainable. For three weeks in April, myself and Derek Rego, from transaction banking, worked in Porto Alegre, the capital and largest city in the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul, with a population of

National Policy Battles Impact Sustainable Business

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Green Investments Blocked By Uncertainty Voluntary corporate sustainability initiatives and environmental policy are essential, but not complete solutions by themselves. We also need laws, oversight and guidelines to set the entire competitive floor at a level that protects the environment and ensures a quality and quantity of jobs consistent with human dignity. Such a platform will

Combined Heat and Power Saves Money, Reduces Emissions and Improves Energy Security

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Conference Today Event Date: May 22, 2013 Location: Independence Avenue and 1st Street, SE Room 210, Washington, DC This briefing will introduce participants to Combined Heat and power (CHP) technology and present a number of recent case studies in which CHP systems helped communities pull through extreme weather events when the grid went down. Speakers

Texas Leads U.S. In CO2 Emissions From Energy

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Carbon dioxide emissions from energy rose in 18 states and fell in 32 between 2000 and 2010 with Texas showing the greatest absolute decline of 58.8 million metric tons, according to data released by the US Energy Information Administration. Despite the 8.3 percent drop in emissions, Texas still led the US states in CO2 emissions

The Top U.S. Cities For Green Jobs

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Greener Cities Have Greener Jobs If you are looking for a job in Boston, Chicago or San Francisco with experience in energy efficiency, environmental compliance or sustainable supply chain, you may be in luck. Those are three of the top cities for green jobs right now. For example, there are more than 83,000 green job listings

Six Strategies To Promote Sustainable Cities

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More than half of the world’s population now lives in cities. The percentage will rise every passing day. So how can we make cities greener, leaner, and healthier for people and the planet? Following is a link to some of the big ideas that came out of the New York Times Energy for Tomorrow conference

Sustainable Infrastructure Key To Growth

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“To date, the trend towards urbanization has been accompanied by increased pressure on the environment and growing numbers of urban poor,” said the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) Executive Director, Achim Steiner, at the launch of the report in Nairobi, Kenya. “But unique opportunities exist for cities to lead the greening of the global economy by

Australia’s Largest Conference On Green Building

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Green Cities 2013: Embracing our challenges with optimism Sydney hosted Australia’s largest and most influential conference for sustainability in the built environment– Green Cities 2013– in March. It was no coincidence that the conference organizers, the Green Building Council of Australia and Property Council of Australia, chose the theme ‘challenge’ for 2013, which acknowledged the

China & UK Swap Sustainability Capabilities

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Solving the energy and natural resource demands of a growing global population will take international cooperation at the highest levels. China and the United Kingdom are advancing that agenda now. A delegation of 10 UK companies was welcomed this week on the opening leg of the 2013 Sustainable Cities Mission to Chongqing and Changsha. The