Arab Future Cities Summit Next Month

Green BuildingGreen CitiesSustainable CitiesUrban PlanningArab Future Cities Summit 2015 in Qatarsustainable cities summit in Qatar

Smart Solutions For Sustainable Cities The Middle East’s premier smart cities event will take place April 13 and 14, 2015 at the Ritz-Carlton in Doha, Qatar. In its 4th year running, the event will attract over 300 senior level executives to discuss progress, efficient management of resources, future developments and ways of making future cities

Jordan’s Mosques Go Solar

Alternative EnergyGreen BuildingGreen CitiesUrban PlanningJordan solar powersolar power in Jordan mosques. solar power in Jordan

All 6,000 Mosques In Jordan Will Run On Solar Energy As global oil prices continue to drastically fluctuate up and down over the years, the Kingdom of Jordan has announced that all of their mosques will soon run on solar energy, in an attempt to save money and promote sustainable development. Jordan is a country almost

Rooftop Gardens Help Mexico City Fight Air Pollution

Air PollutionEnergy ConservationGreen BuildingGreen Citiesmexico city rooftop gardensrooftop gardens in Mexico City fighting climate change

Plants Cleaning The Air, Sheltering Buildings In a sheltered corner of one of the greatest megacities on Earth, there is a place where lizards careen around tree trunks, butterflies drink nectar from vermillion flowers and hummingbirds whisk the heavy air with their wings. Stand in the botanical gardens of the Bosque de Chapultepec (the Chapultepec forest) and

New York City LED’s Way With Greener Lighting

Climate ChangeEnergy ConservationEnergy EfficiencyGreen BuildingLocal GovernmentSustainable CitiesTechnologyNew York City LED lightssustainable New York

Big Apple Gets Greener When many people think of New York City, beyond the crowds their image of the city is the lights. Soon, the night skyline will be much whiter because all 250,000 street lights are being switched to LEDs in the biggest retrofit project in the nation. The switch-over is part of PlaNYC, the city’s climate change mitigation

Can Dallas Lead Texas To Greener Pastures?

Green BuildingGreen CitiesLocal GovernmentSustainable Citiesgreen buildings Dallasgreen Dallassustainable Dallas

Sustainability Makes Business Sense In Texas An updated set of standards in Dallas will ensure that city officials aren’t the only ones concerned with green building. This month the city mandated that all residential and commercial projects must meet the minimum requirements of its Green Construction Code or be certifiable by organizations like Leadership in Energy and Environmental

Sustainability Incubator Formed For Smaller Cities

Corporate LeadershipGreen BuildingGreen CitiesLocal GovernmentSustainable CitiesPortland State University sustainability incubatorUrban Sustainability Incubator

Resources For Sustainable Cities While there are lots of incubators for startup companies to help them get their businesses off the ground, for the first time there’s an incubator that helps cities learn how to implement sustainability initiatives. Portland State University has selected the first “class” for its Urban Sustainability Accelerator, a year-long program designed

India Schedules Sustainability Summit

Climate ChangeCorporate LeadershipEnergy ConservationEnergy EfficiencyGreen BuildingGreen CitiesInvestmentsLEEDLocal GovernmentRenewable EnergyState GovernmentSustainable CitiesUrban PlanningWaterWildlife ConservationDevCom MediaGreen Habitat Summit IndiaHexaGreenIndia sustainabilitysustainable India

Sustainabilty stakeholders in India will convene in New Dehli next month to discuss green buildings and cities. Green Habitat Summit India 2013 is scheduled for August 20-21. The Summit will focus on technologies, strategies, and financial mechanisms that can help the ULBs and states achieve sustainability goals – from building infrastructure and reducing greenhouse gas

MGM Resorts Betting On Solar System

Alternative EnergyCorporate LeadershipGreen BuildingGreen CitiesRenewable EnergySustainable CitiesLas Vegas solar projectsMGM Resorts solar panels

In Las Vegas, everything is on a grander scale, so it should come as no surprise the gambling capital of the world soon will be home to one of the world’s largest rooftop solar systems. NRG Energy last week announced plans to install a 6.2 megawatt (MW) installation on top of the Mandalay Bay Resort

Sports World Tackling Climate Change

Alternative EnergyCorporate LeadershipEnergy ConservationGreen BuildingLocal GovernmentSustainable Citiesprofessional sports and alternative energyprofessional sports and climate changesolar sport arenas

By Allen Hershkowitz As I listened to President Obama present his important plan to meaningfully reduce the carbon we spew into the atmosphere each day, (and stimulate new jobs in doing so), I was struck by how far along on this issue the sports industry already is. According to Scott Jenkins, the Seattle Mariners VP

Corporations Share Secrets On Energy Savings

Climate ChangeCorporate LeadershipEnergy ConservationEnergy EfficiencyGreen BuildingGreen CitiesRenewable EnergySustainable CitiesUrban PlanningBetter Buildings ChallengeNortheast Energy Efficiency PartnershipU.S. Department of Energy

Several corporate leaders, including Kohl’s, HEI Hotels and Resorts, Staples and Walgreens, have volunteered to reduce energy use 20 percent by 2020 as part of a challenge initiated by President Barack Obama. But that’s not the big deal. The big deal is that they have agreed to publicly disclose how they’re doing it. Factories, data