EPA Staffed With Industry Insiders

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EPA Blowing Smoke On Critical Issues By Liza Gross, Lindsey Konkel and Elizabeth Grossman, Reveal Eleven new members of the Environmental Protection Agency’s Science Advisory Board have a history of downplaying the health risks of secondhand smoke, air pollution and other hazards, including two who have spun science for tobacco companies, according to an investigation

California A Global Leader On Climate Change

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White House Agenda Not Slowing Action In Golden State By Coral Davenport and Adam Nagourney, New York Times The environmental ministers of Canada and Mexico went to San Francisco last month to sign a global pact — drafted largely by California — to lower planet-warming greenhouse pollution. Gov. Jerry Brown flies to China next month

Singapore Choking On Air Pollution From Indonesia

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Singapore Pays Price For Bungle In Indonesia’s Jungles Illegal burning of Indonesian rainforest to make room for palm and paper plantations has left neighboring countries choking on smoke. Many hope the latest crisis will lead to stricter policies. More than a month after uncontrollable wildfires were kindled in Indonesian rainforests to make room for palm

Major US Banks Urge Global Leaders To Tackle Climate Change

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Global Warming Threatens Business As Usual Six major U.S. banks are urging world leaders to adopt a strong agreement to slash carbon emissions and tackle climate change. The coalition warned in a letter Monday that warming global temperatures and related effects, including sea level rise and severe drought, threaten to upend the global economy and

PricewaterhouseCoopers Predicts Climate Catastrophe Within 20 Years

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Failure To Act Compounding Global Warming With every year that passes, we’re getting further away from averting a human-caused climate disaster. That’s the key message in this year’s “Low Carbon Economy Index,” a report released by the accounting giant PricewaterhouseCoopers. The report highlights an “unmistakable trend”: The world’s major economies are increasingly failing to do what’s

Local Climate Change Laws & Policy

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Environmental Regulation In Cities and Other Localities ‘This book is a useful addition to our literature on climate change law, with its focus on climate change at the local level. It examines how local governments, municipalities and city authorities address climate change through law and policy, and the problems/constraints faced in mitigation and adaptation at