Korea A Leader In Sustainability

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Korea was among the first countries to support green growth as a national development strategy, and it is spreading its green philosophy and knowledge. Few countries are as committed to growing in an environmentally sustainable manner as Korea. When President Lee Myung-bak was inaugurated in 2008, he hailed “low carbon, green growth” as the nation’s

Largest Real Estate Company Attracts Tenants With Sustainability Systems

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As e-commerce siphons an ever-larger portion of retail sales, what keeps businesses and consumers congregating at shopping malls? For Simon Property Group, the largest real estate company in the world with approximately 326 retail properties in North America and Asia, at least part of the answer is tied its innovative sustainability agenda. By testing groundbreaking

Energy Efficiency Forum Promotes Best Practices

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Collaborative Presentation On Energy Efficiency “In this period of expanding domestic energy supply, the forum will highlight efficiency’s role as a cost effective resource to meet increasing energy demand,” says USEA Executive Director Barry Worthington. “Efficiency can also help make our communities more secure, resilient and sustainable.” “Improving energy efficiency – whether in the transportation