Cities Can Offset Carbon Footprint With Reforestation

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Program Includes Urban Forestry The Kilimanjaro region of East Africa is one of the most threatened ecosystems on earth. Millions of people and several endangered species depend on the snows and rains of Kilimanjaro for survival. As land use encroaches further into local forests, water flows are changing and conflicts with wildlife are rising. A nonprofit

Living Near Trees Is Good For Your Health

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Neighborhood Green Space Good For Mental, Physical Health Studies have shown that natural environments can enhance health. But how much could a tree in the street or a nearby neighborhood park improve our health? Several scientists examined this issue by studying the relationship between health and neighborhood green space. They compared the impacts of trees along

Portland Defends Its Trees To Defend City

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Urban Forests Benefit Citizens, Wildlife, Planet Property owners in Portland need to think twice before chopping down trees. A new city tree code took effect in January. It brings new protections to trees on both public and private property, along with stricter regulations and tough penalties for violators. It takes away a lot of the

Urban Forestry An Emerging Priority For Universities, Cities

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Need Policies To Stop Urban Deforestation, Promote Reforestation A multi-state team from universities in Virginia, West Virginia and Maryland are working to advance the profession of urban forestry. The team led by researchers at Virginia Tech has launched Urban Forestry 2020. The project aims to examine the challenges faced by the urban forestry profession and

Cities Tackling Heat Island Effect

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Strategies Can Improve Air Quality, Resiliency A survey of North American cities by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy and the Global Cool Cities Alliance found that confronting the challenges of extreme weather, adapting to a changing climate, and improving the health and resiliency of urban populations are driving cities to develop and implement strategies to reduce excess

Urban Forestry Makes Cities More Resilient, Efficient

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Urban Canopy Can Help Fight Climate Change Urban forests will play an even more important role as we seek solutions to maximize the quality of life in our cities, while reducing energy consumption and maximizing the uptake of carbon dioxide and other harmful pollutants. Sacred Seedlings is a reforestation (including urban forestry) and carbon offset

Green Spaces Can Improve Mental Health and Productivity

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Green Is Good For Communities and Companies Green space in towns and cities could lead to significant and sustained improvements in mental health, finds a new study published in the journal of Environmental Science & Technology. Analyzing data that followed people over a five year period, the research has found that moving to a greener area not

California Announces Urban Forestry Grants

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Urban and Community Forestry Grants The California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CAL FIRE) has set aside funds to provide grants to applicants that wish to create or implement a“Leading Edge” Urban Forestry and Urban Greening Project or Program. The funding level of eachCAL FIREUrban & Community Forestry grant program may be adjusted based

History Lessons Under The Trees

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Trees Help Keep History Alive A unique tree-planting program would like to put a piece of history in your yard. The Famous & Historic Tree Program is an environmental education concept combining contemporary conservation with our nation’s heritage. Young trees that are direct descendants of trees planted by – or associated with – George Washington,