Global Centre of Competence Planned For London

Think Tank Will Promote, Facilitate Sustainability

Siemens AG will bring its global Centre of Competence for cities to London and create a joint ‘think tank’ with the city of London where international, high-tech engineers and London’s city experts will work together to develop and promote sustainable solutions for cities.

“Our London-based centre for urban sustainability will be the flagship of our new Sector Infrastructure & Cities. We will bring Siemens engineers and a wealth of global city expertise to our landmark building, creating a win-win situation for London,” said Siemens President and CEO Peter Löscher.

London centreThe Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, said: “Siemens’ commitment to London is a thumbs up for the skills our city has in green and other sustainable technologies. With this global electronics and engineering giant’s plans for their new centre far advanced we will do all we can to bring together the capital’s invaluable expertise with Siemens’ amazing pool of international technology pioneers.”

Siemens AG intends to be a leading participant in the dynamic growth of cities and infrastructure investments. Therefore the company has formed a new sector spearheaded by a global Centre of Competence located in London. In addition to offices for city planners and engineers, Siemens plans to host a major, state-of-the-art, exhibition on sustainable urban development at the centre, which will be open to the public, as well as hosting conferences in its 300-seat auditorium and providing facilities for visitors including a shop, restaurant and café.

Siemens has raised the building’s credentials to the highest standards available. Groundwork has already started at the site with plans to construct an All Electric Building – meaning no fossil energy for the building will be required. The Siemens centre will be a substantial landmark – it will cover an area of 3,687m2, in two dramatic, crystal-shaped sections. Siemens has invested more than £30 million into the centre to make sure it will meet the highest building standards – such as the LEED “Platinum” and the BREEAM “Outstanding”  for sustainable design and construction. The building will be embedded in a smart grid and will include charging stations for e-vehicles. It will make use of solar power, ground source heat pumps, energy-efficient lighting and a closed water cycle. It is due to become operational and open to the public by mid-2012.

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