Greener Cities Part Of Brighter Tomorrow

Sustainability, Efficiency Good For Everyone

Cities are where the world’s business, financial and human capital are concentrated. Cities are also where the world’s population is increasingly concentrated, and they are the primary source of growth and innovation. They are also the leading consumers of energy and the primary source of greenhouse gasses. With cities around the world continuing to grow, and as many as 300 million people migrating to cities in both China and India in the coming decades, how metropolitan areas manage growth has profound economic and social implications.

green cities
San Francisco is a leader on many fronts, including sustainability.

The challenges in the expanding megacities of emerging economies and in the more mature urban centers of Europe and the United States may be different, but shared experience points to best practices and technologies that will define our future economy and quality of life.

In 2011 the Bay Area Council Economic Institute organized a Global Green Cities of the 21st Century symposium for 250 invited participants around the world, to discuss state-of-the-art strategies for green growth and sustainable urban development.

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