Schneider Electric Holds “Smart City” Event In Dubai

Green Infrastructure Showcased

The annual Power to the Cloud conference and exhibition under the theme “Building Next-Generation Mission Critical IT Infrastructure” was inaugurated on Monday at Atlantis, Dubai by Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer, Chairman of the Supreme Council of Energy and Managing Director and CEO of DEWA.

green infrastructure
Sustainable cities are resilient cities.

The two-day event held by Schneider Electric gathered thousands of global experts in smart cities and data center, IT decision makers and key influencers from Middle East & Africa across verticals under one roof.

The conference demonstrates the company’s leadership in Smart Cities and examines solutions in power and energy management, as well as water use and reduction in travel time and traffic delays.

Power to the Cloud 2013 is focusing on the looming imperative of energy consumption doubling in the next 40 years. The experts are also looking at the urgency to mitigate CO2 emissions by nearly half their current levels and increase energy efficiencies four times higher.

After inaugurating the event, Al Tayer told attendees that modern technology has virtually transferred people’s lives to various means, saying “we have witnessed the outcome of the next generation services by smart homes, smart grid, smart phones and smart governments.”

He said further innovation, engineering excellence, information technology, smart grid components and related technology build future smart cities and sustainability, “ the first step in building a smart city begins with smart grids for water, power, telecommunication and IT infrastructure,” he noted.

He lauded the wise vision of Dubai’s ruler to transfer Dubai into a smart city.

The conference is also looking to deliberate on the enhanced role of data centers in building a world of more efficient cities. As a pioneer in providing solutions for effective datacenter management, Schneider Electric is committed to promoting smart integration through data centers for achieving tangible goals in smart energy, smart mobility, smart public services and smart buildings and homes.

“The IT growth and the urbanization, industrialization and digitization of our economies are driving high energy consumption today and this growth will continue as global economies strive to develop further,” said Thierry Chamayou, Vice President – Middle East & Africa IT Business, Schneider Electric.

As an example, in 2010 nearly 12.5 billion devices were connected through the Internet; this is set to grow to to 25 billion by 2015 against the global population of 7.2 billion in the same year. Dubai is at the heart of this growth in the Middle East. The city’s aspiration of a smart city coupled with the planned hi-tech infrastructure will make it an exemplary new age sustainable destination.

“The solution for sustainable energies is a combination of cleaner generation, greater efficiency and a smarter grid. According to International Energy Agency’s World Energy Outlook report in 2013, Japan and countries in Europe have introduced energy efficiency improvements in buildings. In the US this year, a MoU sets forth an agreement for the states to work together to help automakers sell at least 3.3 million zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs) – plug-in electric, battery electric, and hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles – by 2025. Closer to home, in the Middle East too, the mandate of mitigating energy consumption is being addressed with utmost seriousness.”

Speakers at the conference include executives from IBM, Intel, HP, Dell, Cisco and a host of regional and international customers. One of the early outcomes of the conference is a concurrence of opinion among the participating experts that energy efficient economies can be shaped through the convergence of IT for achieving smart city solutions.

Chamayou added: “The efficiency economy is born from the convergence of the worlds of IT and energy to link and manage all elements of the smart grid, delivering the greenest energy at the cheapest price and the desired time. At Schneider Electric, we believe it’s time to save, integrate facilities and use decentralized generations to reduce the energy consumed, the cost per kWh and operating expenditure, and drive a self-sufficient, net-positive mindset. It is also a time to connect by accessing smart, real time data and information, optimize and deliver across integrated systems through open platforms. Schneider Electric plays an important role in connecting people, points and devices to enable insight and action for a sustainable future.”

The exhibition held alongside the conference spans 1,400 square meters and showcases simulated environments of a hotel, telco, bank, hospital, university, EV station and datacenter.


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