Cities Spreading Alzheimer’s Disease, Autism With Sewage Sludge

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Risk Assessments On Sewage Sludge Flawed Thanks to flawed risk assessments, cities are spreading an unstoppable pathogen when they spread sewage sludge on land. It’s time to reclassify sewage sludge and biosolids as infectious waste and put it in landfills, not on farms, ranches, forests, golf courses, school grounds and parks. As scientists have been

Wastewater Reclamation Recycles Brain Diseases

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Deadly Disease Recycled By Wastewater Treatment Process Neurodegenerative diseases are the fastest-growing causes of death around the world. The mismanagement of infectious waste is contributing to the prion disease epidemic in mammals, including humans. Dr. Stanley Prusiner earned a Nobel Prize in 1997 for his pioneering research on deadly prions—an infectious form of protein that