Sustainable Cities and Communities Throughout The Americas A Priority

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Sustainable Cities North America City mayors, development planners, and civil society representatives met on Monday in Antigua, Guatemala to kick off the 43rd Organization of American States (OAS) General Assembly to discuss challenges linked to rapid urbanization in the Americas and exchange best practices for the sustainable development of cities and communities. Participants also discussed

Sustainable Cities Get Boost From IBM, Citigroup

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Banks Back Sustainable Cities Citi has been involved in a project in Brazil that demonstrates how cities can be more sustainable. For three weeks in April, myself and Derek Rego, from transaction banking, worked in Porto Alegre, the capital and largest city in the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul, with a population of

Sustainable Role Models For Cities and Communities

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Green Capitals Of The World 10. Bogotá, Colombia In recent years, Bogotá has drastically improved its reputation, moving from a city plagued with organized crime and poverty to one that is renowned for its green living and sustainability. The capital city of Colombia boasts an efficient public transport system, more than 1,100 urban green spaces

Smart Cities Council Launched to Promote Smart, Sustainable Cities

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Sustainable Cities Network Cities around the world are under pressure. Budgets are tight. Growth is necessary. Demands and costs are escalating. Extreme weather is taking its toll. Efficiency and sustainability are priorities, but where should they start to balance the moving pieces? Civic leaders have a new resource in the fight to achieve prosperity and

National Policy Battles Impact Sustainable Business

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Green Investments Blocked By Uncertainty Voluntary corporate sustainability initiatives and environmental policy are essential, but not complete solutions by themselves. We also need laws, oversight and guidelines to set the entire competitive floor at a level that protects the environment and ensures a quality and quantity of jobs consistent with human dignity. Such a platform will

Portland Hosts Conference On EcoDistricts and Cities

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Sustainable City Network Representatives from eight cities gathered at Portland’s Ecotrust building Tuesday for the start of a workshop designed to train municipal leaders on the art of neighborhood revitalization. The group EcoDistricts, formerly known as the Portland Sustainability Institute, is hosting urban planners and community leaders hoping to learn a bit about sustainable city

How To Make A Green City

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Sustainable, Resilient Cities Plentiful Parks: Parks are the “lungs of the city,” architect Frederic Law Olmsted famously said about New York’s Central Park. From the 500-year-old Giardino della Guastalla in Milan to downtown Houston’s new Discovery Green, parks provide both a place for harried city residents to take a deep breath, relax, and connect with

Turning Concrete Jungles Into Centers of Sustainability

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Sustainable Urbanization Is Wave Of Future–If We Have One The tangled web of international organizations that constitutes global governance has become so remote and ineffective that few count on it to deliver results anymore. Now, after decades of turf wars and self-marginalization, international organizations must rally around an increasingly pressing global priority: Sustainable urbanization. The

Australia Accepting Applications For Most Sustainable Cities

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Deadline Extended For Sustainability Award Participants now have until June 24th to prepare their submissions for the 2013 Keep Australia Beautiful NSW Sustainable Cities Awards Program. To complete an entry and submission, please visit the awards categories page. Penrith City Council is the current title holder of the Sustainable Cities Overall Council Winner for NSW.

Combined Heat and Power Saves Money, Reduces Emissions and Improves Energy Security

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Conference Today Event Date: May 22, 2013 Location: Independence Avenue and 1st Street, SE Room 210, Washington, DC This briefing will introduce participants to Combined Heat and power (CHP) technology and present a number of recent case studies in which CHP systems helped communities pull through extreme weather events when the grid went down. Speakers