Recycling Humans Via Sewage, Biosolids

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Bodies Liquified, Dumped In City Sewers, Dumped On Food Crops By Natural News A new recycling technology has added new meaning to the phrase “you are what you eat.” Bio-cremation liquefies the dead, then dumps their liquid remains into city sewers where solid and liquid waste are collected as sewage sludge and reclaimed wastewater to be

Cities Recycling Disease With Wastewater Reclamation

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Wastewater Reclamation Based On Flawed Risk Assessments San Diego City Council approved plans to reclaim and reuse wastewater as drinking water. Thanks to flawed risk assessments, it will be another public health disaster. Millions more people will now be exposed to a highly contagious pathogen called a prion. The deadly form of protein causes neurodegenerative disease in mammals, including Alzheimer’s

Water Shortages Prompt Cities To Reclaim Wastewater

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Wastewater Reclamation Recycling Brain Disease The urge to recycle more wastewater in the face of climate change and rising human populations is tempting. Places such as Singapore have been doing it for years. Unfortunately, recycling wastewater and spreading biosolids (sewage sludge) on our crops, parks and golf courses is creating an environmental nightmare. The practice