Urban Forestry

Sustainability. Resiliency. Habitat.

Urban forests will play an even more important role as we seek seek solutions to global warming and climate change. Urban forestry can help maximize the quality of life in our cities, while reducing energy consumption and maximizing the uptake of carbon dioxide and other harmful pollutants. Sacred Seedlings is a reforestation (including urban areas) and carbon capture program designed to address this issue and opportunity.

trees a climate change solution

We are coordinating a global forest conservation and reforestation program that will help offset carbon build-up in the atmosphere and mitigate the effects of climate change.

The program will generate numerous benefits:

  • Offset carbon in the atmosphere, reduce energy consumption and air pollution.
  • Reforest tribal lands, public lands, inner cities, and private property around the globe.
  • Preserve wildlife habitat and green spaces for communities.
  • Generate jobs for indigenous people around the globe.    

sacred seedlings logoWe’re accepting applications for pilot projects in urban reforestation, while developing sponsorship opportunities and carbon credit programs now. Please join us http://sacredseedlings.com/urban-forestry/

To learn more, contact Gary Chandler at 602-999-7204 or gary@crossbow1.com.

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