cities and global warming and climate change


Prof. Subramaniam Udhayamarthandan October 13, 2013 at 7:38 pm

The approach of the World Bank group for Sustainable Development, poverty alleviation and infrastructure development seems to be a positive gesture to its missions.

Resources in this context could be humans say potential technocrats, think tanks, and appropriate technologies in the needy areas being sourced from Institutions, Corporations, SMEs and even potential individuals.

It becomes rather evident that, promotion of appropriate technologies in clean & cheap energy / power, Water related services and infra structures is the dare need of the hours of crisis for sustainability.

It means to reach to a strategic point that, sourcing of suppliers of technologies with technology transfer or implementation support for a long term basis, becomes absolutely necessary. The technology sourcing wing with appropriate evaluators of potential new impact technologies could be a vital need of the hour. Change measuring and conceptual changes are fast going affairs in the global development and World Bank be open to resources invitations and updating of the technology arena.

Priority funding support for private sectors, SMEs and even individuals for sustainable development oriented technology innovations could expedite the effective realization of its mission goals, being proportionately and contemporarily enhanced by new thinking.

Political instabilities in many countries are also hurdles on the implementation path ways of projects and implementations. Effectiveness of monitoring of fund utilization and outcome wrto the projected time frame again is a key area to ensure effectiveness.

Climate change is a complex issue, needs successful technology strategies in clean cheap energy / power / water / materials/ clean development / environmental pollution issues.

Open minded approach, systematic path way definition, appropriate technologies considerations and promotion of innovations could be the best part of its effective progress in realization of the missions of the World Bank.

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  • Mr Michael Cadogan October 19, 2013 at 7:38 pm

    This is a great initiative, that would work extremely well in Barbados and the Caribbean regions.I will like to offer my company up as one of the groups pick to implement this venture.Our Motto is Education of Sustainable Living,Sustainability,Greener Living and Lighting the Caribbean with Renewable Energies.This is so badly needed right now before its to late.


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