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Greener Cities and Communities

The Sustainable Cities International Network is comprised of 40 cities, towns and metropolitan regions around the globe that share the common goal of moving their communities to more sustainable futures. Founded in 1993, Sustainable Cities International is a registered not-for-profit organization based in Vancouver, Canada. Its mission is to co-create with cities around the world, to catalyze action on urban sustainability.

Some of the globe’s most innovative urban sustainability practices have evolved within the SCI Network membership. For example, the concept of long range urban sustainability planning originated within the SCI Network with an innovative process undertaken in the Vancouver Region of Canada.  The innovation then transferred to Calgary Canada and then to Durban, South Africa where the two cities learned and adapted the concept to their local context. This type of planning is now commonplace in cities around the world.

Acting as ‘urban laboratories’, Network cities adopt technological and social innovations and then adapt and implement them – making improvements to the innovation as they proceed.  In turn, what they learn is shared with other members of the Network and more widely.  This process ensures that good practice is well understood, tested, adapted to local conditions and the new knowledge gained is robust and widely shared.  This reinforcing pattern of knowledge generation and refinement results in sustainability practices being adopted in cities around the world.

Urban Sustainability

Sustainable Cities International has been a leader in urban sustainability for over 18 years working with cities, towns and regions around the globe. Its seasoned team of Facilitators and Project Managers is supplemented by practitioners from our Canadian and International Network of practitioners to deliver innovative and proven expertise relevant to your requirements.

Whether it is planning the future of a whole city or implementing a smaller scale project, we can tap the most current knowledge and experience of its Sustainable Cities International Network of cities and bring the most appropriate skill set to the table.

We work with local and regional authorities to help them develop governance approaches, organizational strategies, strategic planning processes and project implementation strategies. Our Urban Sustainability Planning and Implementation services include:

  • Project scoping and charter development
  • Muncipal leadership training
  • Infrastructure costs and urban growth management
  • Urban sustainability project management

From small aboriginal communities to large metropolitan regions, SCI Network members share a common commitment to the open exchange of knowledge and ideas on urban sustainability.  Each member offers their unique perspective through open dialogue. Creativity and innovation is occurring in all of the cities and the membership finds that the diversity of perspectives is important for generating new ways of thinking. Big cities can learn from smaller ones and smaller from bigger.

Members have the opportunity to participate in peer exchanges, an annual symposium, training events and facilitated web dialogues.

Through this network, personal and professional relationships are built and direct dialogue between cities accelerates innovation.

The Network is fee-based. Membership fees form a portion of the funds required to coordinate the Network. Additional funds are sought by the Secretariat through foundations, government funds and fees for service.  The economic disparity between cities from the North and South is recognized. As such, membership fees are based on the size of the city and your country’s Gross National Income.

Greener Cities and climate action

Greener Cities is a division of Crossbow Communications. Greener Cities is a resource for sustainable and resilient cities and communities around the world.

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