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While projections for future climate change are most often defined globally, it is becoming increasingly important to assess how the changing climate will impact cities. The risks are not the same everywhere. For example, sea level rise will affect the massive zones of urbanization clustered along the world’s tidal coastlines and most significantly those cities in places where the land is already subsiding.

In response to the wide range of risks facing cities and the role that cities play as home to more than half of the world’s population, urban leaders are joining forces with multiple groups including city networks and climate scientists. They are assessing conditions within their cities in order to take science-based actions that increase resilience and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, thus limiting the rate of climate change and the magnitude of its impacts. We can learn from the most sustainable cities in the world.

We can share experiences and resources to expedite our transition to sustainable, efficient and resilient cities.

Greener Cities and climate action

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