sustainable cities and climate change

Efficient. Resilient. Responsible.

Cities on the road to sustainability can’t afford to waste time or scarce resources on new policies and systems that ultimately are pushed aside. Cities and communities can’t afford to ignore the residents and businesses as they evaluate options and develop action plans around sustainability. Comprehensive and collaborative planning are what this toolkit is all about.

The Greener Cities Toolkit will include a comprehensive workbook that your community can complete in collaboration to comprehensively evaluate and prioritize the options available to meet your goals and budget.

The toolkit will help stakeholders define the appropriate local options and priorities.

Many communities are improving the energy efficiency of city buildings and vehicle fleets, but other strategies such as investments, tax policies, water use, tree management, open space, expanded recycling efforts, and others represent significant opportunities for change.

Decision matrices and community engagement tools will help guide your community through the evaluation, decision-making, and implementation process involving numerous possibilities.

  • Awards
  • Building Codes and Management
  • Disaster Aversion, Preparedness and Response
  • Energy Efficiency and Alternative Energy
  • Fleet Management
  • Public Policy, Visioning and Planning
  • Outreach & Education Programs
  • Public Transportation Systems
  • Purchasing & Investments
  • Resilience and Recovery
  • Rooftop Gardens
  • School Construction and Management
  • Urban Forests & Open Space
  • Waste Reduction & Recycling
  • Wastewater Treatment and Safe Sewage Sludge Disposal
  • Water Conservation & Drought Resistance
  • Wildfire Aversion and Response
  • Partnerships & Grants
  • Others
sustainability consultants

Please share your best practices and success stories with us. We will share them with the world as we all promote cities that are more sustainable and resilient.

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